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Outdoor Amphitheater Project

One of the first goals of Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc. is to help build an outdoor amphitheatre in Heritage Park in Versailles. Each year, Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc. hosts the Poultry Days 5K. All proceeds from this event will benefit the outdoor amphitheatre.

As plans for the outdoor amphitheater project come together, information will be posted here.

Outdoor Amphitheater Rendurings




Second National Bank - $15,000

Ruth and Emerson Booher Advised Fund - $19,500

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The YOLO Community Fund was established for the purpose of maintaining funds generated to support the community and community projects. All proceeds from Y.O.L.O. of Darke County, Inc. events and any donations will be deposited into this fund. The Y.O.L.O of Darke County, Inc is a non-profit organization and any donation is tax deductible.

If you would like to donate to the YOLO Community Fund, please contact:
Phillip Pierri at 937.371.9088 or email
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